Counseling Service of the Eastern District of New York

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About Us

Counseling Service of the Eastern District of New York (CSEDNY) is a New York State licensed, medically credentialed, outpatient substance abuse treatment program. Incorporated in 1974 as a non profit agency, CSEDNY is dedicated to promoting sobriety for individuals from all walks of life affected by drug abuse and addiction. In addition, CSEDNY works with communities, families, and public institutions to address substance abuse as a root cause for criminality, unemployment, poverty and poor health.

Through our innovative treatment model, CSEDNY works with individuals to provide a customized pathway out of his or her addiction. CSEDNY supports drug free lifestyles by encouraging individual commitment to personal recovery. All services are conducted with respect and confidentiality that promote sobriety, self sufficiency and stability.

Founded by a progressive team of New York State judges as the first federally-funded “alternative to incarceration” (ATI) drug treatment program in the nation, CSEDNY has a long history of working with individuals involved with the criminal justice system.

Today, CSEDNY operates several initiatives to work with clients either at the time of sentencing when his or her treatment plan becomes “an alternative to incarceration” or at release from prison or jail.

CSEDNY works closely with judges, lawyers, advocates, New York State Parole, and New York City Probation to participate in combating criminal recidivism. By creating pathways to sobriety for clients facing challenges and stresses associated with criminal convictions, CSEDNY has become part of the solution to improve public safety, to save precious community resources, and, most importantly, to give people a chance to rebuild his or her life after a criminal conviction.