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Nischay Girls School

As a part of our responsibility towards the community, Neerja Modi School, in collaboration with the Kuhad Charitable Trust has initiated a noble project called ‘Nischay’ to provide literacy to the female below the poverty line. The venture aims to not only educate but to impart them upon necessary skills that will enable them so that they are gainfully employed in future.

The venture has received a tremendous response from the targeted population. A humble beginning of a few girls at its founding in November 2004 – the Nischay Girls School has an enrolment of 500 plus! Girls who were initially timid, unsure and hesitant are now changed individuals. They now look confident and sure, can speak and are enthusiastic to undertake any school activity.

Free education to all these girls is imparted from nursery to grade 8. All possible help is given by way of books, stationery, shoes, woolens and even the conveyance facility. In march 2006-2007 Nischay will send the first batch of 19 girls to take their board exam from The State Board of Rajasthan Secondary Education. The project has a well qualified faculty of nineteen teachers.

Besides academic achievement, Nischay has sought to bring all around development to the girls via physical education, sports, art, music dance and computer literacy.

We believe that it is very important to develop collaboration between of Nischay and the Neerja Modi School community in order to serve the twin purpose of - 1. sustaining this programme 2. sensitizing the fortunate ones of the Neerja Modi School to • learn to lend • to appreciate and understand the problems and needs of the economically weak sections of the society. In order to promote this view we encourage the staff and parents of Neerja Modi School to interact with Nischay on a regular basis. The students of Nischay are made part and parcel of almost all the extra curricular activities, events and occasion of the Neerja Modi School viz sports, celebration of national festivals and celebrity visits.

Nischay also imparts multifarious practical training to its students in many disciplines like:- • Mehndi/Henna application • Chocolate making • Candle/Diya making • Painting • Handicrafts • Cookery classes (use of modern gadgets viz gas stove oven etc.) • Tailoring and embroidery • Self grooming classes The list is continually increasing.

The articles they make are bought by NMS students and parents. The money earned by the Nischay students earn by the sale of these products is deposited into a “Fixed Deposit Account”, keep thus inculcating earning and the habit of saving from a young age.

You have to see it to believe that the frightened, coy and shy girls of yester years have become completely changed individuals. They appear confident and self dependent with an altogether changed perception and mindset. They have a vision – stars in their eyes and they aspire to become teachers, pilots, engineers and nurses!

We solicit support, encouragement and motivation from all in anyway – moral, mental or material.