Seawall Coalition

  • District of Columbia


1342 Florida Avenue Northwest
District of Columbia
United States

About Us

The Seawall Coalition is a nonpartisan group of 90+ elected officials, local leaders, military groups, and businesses that have come together to advocate for national solutions to sea level rise and flooding in our coastal and riverfront communities.

We’re a start-up nonprofit organization with deep donor backing, and we do things differently. We aim to change the game with a singular focus on sea level rise and flooding, a creative approach to finding solutions, and deep analysis and partnerships that leverage existing efforts. We draw on our strength as communicators and practical problem solvers to reach and bring in those that other groups do not, building broad public support for built and nature-based solutions at the local and national level. 

Our team is passionate, entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and looking to radically improve how communities around the country adapt to sea level rise and flooding.