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Promoting values & excellence for a brighter future.

Day-Star School is a private bilingual school that is owned and operated by North Americans in Juticalpa, Honduras, Central America. They are Mark Skallman and Betty Skallman. All the owners of Day-Star School have lived and worked in Honduras since 1980. The school was founded in 1988 and has grown to include Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The first high school graduation was held in June of 1997.

The student population is mainly Honduran. The majority of their classes are taught in English, so Spanish is not required for the teachers in the classroom. The school uses textbooks from the United States and believes it is very important for the teachers and students to use English as much as possible in the school, since it is really the only place that they have the opportunity to practice it. Spanish is, however, used in the community, so Day-Star School offers Spanish classes to any teacher wishing to learn the language.

The administration/ownership of Day-Star School is North American. The principals, called Directors here, are Hondurans as required by Honduran law. The school is recognized by the Honduran Ministry of Education and must comply with all rules and regulations mandated by it. The teachers work and collaborate with the Directors in the day-to-day activities of the school. Each teacher is expected and encouraged to plan and carry out the lessons, as well as developing methods of discipline in the their classroom. The Directors and Administrators are ready and willing to assist a teacher in any way possible. Every teacher receives a handbook, prepared by the administration that will aid in his or her transition into the school system.

The school either provides for housing or a housing allowance is given. Although small apartments are available, most teachers can afford to rent a small-unfurnished house. Day-Star School has furniture and appliances for teacher use during their stay in Juticalpa.