Cyprus Island-wide NGO Development Platform

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About Us

The Cyprus Island-wide NGO Development Platform (CYINDEP) is the umbrella organization of two Development NGO platforms supporting the work of 25 Non Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs) from all across Cyprus.


Our mission is to bring together NGDOs working on international development issues and active global citizenship, to assist them in building their capacity, improve the effectiveness of their work and advocacy, as well as to network more effectively both locally and globally.


Our vision is of Cypriot Civil Society as an empowered and strong group of organizations, playing a significant active role in the development of a just and sustainable global society.


Solidarity, Equality, Inclusion, Cooperation, Fairness, Development Effectiveness, Community Building and Upholding Diversity and Human Rights.


  • Promote awareness and visibility of development issues in Cyprus.
  • Support members in their aim to engage in international development projects
  • Connect NGDOs across all communities in Cyprus more effectively, and facilitate coordinating their actions both locally and internationally
  • Enhance networking between Cypriot and international NGDOs
  • Support effectively advocacy and lobbying put forth by the member organizations locally and internationally
  • Provide capacity building opportunities for the member organizations and their affiliates
  • Represent the interests of Cypriot NGDOs in European and international fora