Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership

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2470 Fairfield Avenue
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About Us

RYASAP’s mission is to be a catalyst in communities to ensure the safe and healthy development of youth, young adults and families.

RYASAP is an urban/suburban collaborative for solving community problems in greater Bridgeport and throughout Connecticut. RYASAP has programs in youth and young adult leadership development; juvenile justice advocacy and diversion; health promotion; training and replication; and human services and education systems and policy reform.

It is RYASAP’s intent to be the community table where issues of importance to young people and families are discussed, analyzed and solutions are developed. RYASAP facilitates decision making as to who will address the needs; building collaborative solutions; assuring youth, family and community engagement; and systems reform.

RYASAP addresses community needs from a very strong value base:

Asset Based –RYASAP approaches each issue by identifying and harnessing the positive attributes, skills, talents and contributions of individuals, associations and institutions. Open Table – RYASAP achieves its mission by providing an “open table” to discuss community needs and resources. Leadership Development – RYASAP’s work seeks to engage all citizens, particularly youth and young adults, as leaders in the community. Best Practice Replication – RYASAP’s programs provide “best practice” models for other programs and community adoption. Systems Reform and Policy Change – RYASAP’s successful results will foster community change to reform systems and create policy change locally, statewide and sometimes nationally that benefits its constituents. In 2010, RYASAP’s priorities include: close the achievement gap in urban education systems; institutionalize youth engagement as a strategy to build strong personal and community relationships free of violence; expand the number of opportunities for community leadership for youth and young adults throughout Connecticut; continue to foster change in the juvenile justice system to divert all youth into appropriate services; create and enhance healthy and safe communities free of the harm caused by alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse; and continue to develop and replicate best practices for dissemination in Connecticut and across the country.