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What is PIRIS?

The Pennsylvania Injury Reporting and Intervention System (PIRIS) is a hospital-based injury surveillance and intervention system consisting of two components:

The collection of information on injuries, specifically firearm-related injuries. The development of a multi-system intervention for the victim and family that will provide specific services designed to prevent future violence. Why PIRIS?

The data collected through this initiative will be used by state and local agencies and community partnerships to target violence reduction activities, develop new programs, and evaluate current efforts.

How does PIRIS work?


The ability to track the incidence and characteristics of violence can serve as the basis to develop community-based violence prevention strategies. PIRIS data collection includes:

demographics (age, race/ethnicity, sex and community of residence) location of incident injury characteristics (type of weapon and location of wound) suspected drug or alcohol use and/or related injury severity (treated and released, admitted to hospital, or death) other circumstances surrounding the cause of injury Reports completed for a gunshot would include type of injury (self inflected, non self inflicted violence related; unintentional), victim-offender, and precipitating circumstances.


The real time multi-system intervention component for the victim and family is designed to prevent and reduce violent crime, and reduce the chances of continued participation in violent, gun-related activity.

Victims and the family members of both may be referred to community service organizations for the following types of services:

drug and alcohol treatment job training education programs (general education diploma and vocational education) mental health treatment and services will address the victim and family members of both the victim and the offender The intervention component will be customized to address specific situations, such as:

domestic violence gang violence attempted suicide accidental shooting Intervention strategies will build on existing community, and school-based violence prevention services and programs.