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About Us

Forest Foundation fosters the next generation of public service leaders through paid summer internships at non-profits in the Boston area, venture grants to young leaders with new initiatives, and regional operating grants to new and emerging non-profits. Our summer internship program encompasses 65 paid internships for undergraduate college students at non-profits in the Boston area. The FF Ventures programs gives college students and recent college graduates the opportunity to submit grants for up to $10,000 of funding for a new non-profit initiative. Grantees will then work with Forest Foundation staff to take the non-profit to the next level of sustainability.

Do you know anyone who has started their own non-profit and is looking for additional funding? Read on...

FF Ventures:

 Funding for College Student and Young Leader Non-Profit Initiatives

Forest Foundation, through its FF Ventures program, invites grant proposals from current undergraduate college students and recent college graduates who have created an emerging or new non-profit in the New England/New York states. These are funding grants to aid in the start-up and/or continued momentum of the early stages. Early grant funding is rare and critical to the frail stability of developing programs. FF Ventures identifies and invests in young leaders during this fragile growth period, hopefully bridging the program from idea, creation, start-up to full sustainability.

Key criteria to be invited to submit a proposal for funding

  • Initiative is based in New England and New York states
  • Current budget under $250,000
  • Current or pending 501c3 status, or fiscal agency status (i.e., Fractured Atlas)
  • Mission impacts communities in need with preference for families, youth, or underserved populations in the U.S.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives will get preference

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