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About Us

CULTURALIA is a non-profit organization created in January 2002 by a group of friends and colleagues. CULTURALIA’S objectives are linked to the exchange of experience and knowledge among professionals of various disciplines and backgrounds. Language learning and teaching is one area of CULTURALIA’S work.

Mission Statement

“At Culturalia we strive to create a genuine partnership in education; we offer education of the highest quality, we encourage self reliance and respect, we constantly look for ways to improve ourselves and we expect our partners to share our effort”

Vision Statement

“Culturalia will be an organization working at the highest levels of quality in teaching. We will challenge paradigms and will demonstrate that providing a stimulating environment and promoting enthusiasm for learning can break the cycle that hinders personal and professional growth”.

Our values

As an organization:

  1. we work to provide excellent quality education and services
  2. we adopt a disciplined approach to developing, improving and refining our programs and services.
  3. we make the time and space to solve problems
  4. we address unacceptable behaviour and deal with it quickly and fairly
  5. we treat everyone as valued members of a team
  6. we are all one Culturalia, great things happen when we work together

As an individual:

  1. I take responsibility for my performance and development
  2. I support the best way of doing things, not just my way
  3. I am courteous and respectful to classmates, colleagues and all members of the school
  4. I address problems directly but considerately
  5. I am open to change and respond flexibly to it
  6. I put the school as a whole before my own personal interest and work to achieve our common goals
  7. I am an ambassador for the school and reflect this in my actions.