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About Us

Life for the living humanitarian centre{LILIHUC} is a voluntary non governmental and a non profit making organization established in Ghana West Africa at HO in the Volta Region.Lilihuc.

Lilihuc. Was established through the Initiative of Rev Benjamin Bankas {the futurist} and of some well- meaning Individuals who have come to the realization that something positive needs to be done for their own people, in less endowed area of the country.

Lilihuc. Engages in medical health, social, physical, Agriculture, environmental, educational as well as developmental programs, in conjunction with its aims, the center is highly interested in Volunteering and pen paling to help in the field of teaching, Nursing, Agriculture, medical health, Campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS, campaign against Violence in Africa with the aim of improving the quality of life without consideration of , creed, race or tribe.

MISSION: To build the individual to affirm {announce} the dignity, care and concern of humanity, especially women, aged, underprivileged and marginalized. Through the provision of appropriate needs driven cost effective interventions for the needy in society

VISION:Concern for under privilege Save underprivileged, Concern for humanity Save humanities, Concern for the need Save the needy.