La Posada Providencia

  • TX


30094 Marydale Road
San Benito
United States

About Us

La Posada Providencia is a ministry for people in crisis from around the world who are seeking legal refuge in the United States. La Posada was founded with the goal of achieving social justice for indigent immigrants and asylum seekers. Located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of south Texas, La Posada’s clients are referred to us by immigration attorneys and US Immigration officials. Most of La Posada’s clients arrive on our doorsteps destitute and exhausted, following a long and dangerous journey. They have fled political and religious persecution, extreme poverty, famine, and natural disasters. La Posada provides safety, hope, and a way forward.

Our shelter fosters a community rooted in social justice, where individual and collective needs are met with dignity and respect for the earth. We provide immediate and tangible support in the form of food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies and care. Equally important, we provide individualized case management, local transportation to off-site agencies (health care, legal-aid and social services), access to on-site communication resources, paperwork/translation assistance, employment preparation, ESL and life skills education.

Conservation and environmental sustainability are an integral part of our ESL and life skills curriculum, and are a daily practice at La Posada. Staff, clients, and volunteers are deeply involved in planning and carrying out La Posada’s conservation and sustainability projects, which include growing, harvesting, and preparing produce from our vegetable garden and fruit trees for our community meals; composting for fertilizer; collecting and harvesting rainwater; using grey water irrigation; recycling; and using energy-saving appliances and HVAC system. Through La Posada's education and practices, clients gain knowledge and skills to begin new lives in our country--and live more sustainably on our planet.