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About Us

Nevertheless the Indian economy is growing at a good pace but increasing poverty is the undeniable facet of the country’s development. This is particularly evident in the North Eastern states. This region still lags behind the rest of India. Six decades after independence, it remains underdeveloped. This is due to the persistence of several perennial problems. The opportunities of programmes of government meant for the poor have not been reaching the people in area. The majority of people are still remaining poor and dwelling in acute poverty.


Having seen this pathetic situation a group was formed by some enthusiastic and socially committed youths from Assam in the year 2007.We are not famous and big-shot people but passionate to work for the most deprived section of the society. The basic intention of forming the society was to help the Government in proper implementation of the development schemes in the North Eastern region by highlighting its pro and cons in implementation process with research and policy analysis and promote community monitoring .It also aimed at bringing professionalism and expertise in the NGO sector of the region. The group was later registered under SR Act 1860 as NORTH EAST BLESSINGS in the year 2008 and involved in implementation of different income generating innovative schemes to promote sustainable livelihood in the rural area of North Eastern India and also involved in addressing some social issues.


We work directly with rural communities in villages of Assam state. Presently we are working at the village level in about 50 villages across the Brahmaputra and Barak valley on issues of women’s empowerment, livelihood, information and right based approaches.

We could outreached the rural areas through our volunteers & community mobilizes .Helping the women’s groups; creating alternate income opportunities through weaving, agriculture and off farm activities; information collection & distribution is conducting in a user-friendly way.

Besides we are taking up some crucial social issues like violence against women and awareness against alcoholism among tea-tribes . Also play support & training roles on various issues: social analysis; leadership training, promotion of self help initiatives.

Farmer’s resource centres are formed that involved in organic yet scientific agriculture and animal husbandry. The weaving work of N.E Blessings has already resulted in the formation of a weaver’s organization and one retail outlet managed by the weaver’s organization.