project My Sisters Keeper


United States

About Us

Thank you so much for supporting project My Sisters Keeper!

Your support & participation may very well change someone’s destiny and very likely save lives –

There is nothing more meaningful than that.

PLEASE tell your friends to follow your example and join this life changing and life saving cause.

By paying scrupulous attention to all matters & ensuring that our movement is operated with integrity and purposeful passion, we are fast becoming a respected, influential and reputable group recognized for honoring our commitment to excellence, advocacy, empathy, the promise of prevention and the hope of recovery.

We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the disease of addiction to facilitate the changes in policy & public opinion necessary to foster addiction prevention and recovery access to all.

And to shaping a more tolerant, educated and empathetic society.

We desire to serve as an integral part of the invisible hammer that demolishes the stigma of addiction and builds in its place a house of hope, understanding, and sustained recovery.

We are committed to providing recovery assistance both BEFORE and AFTER treatment to ensure that women and girls who seek recovery have access to it and that following treatment they are not only medically recovered but also emotionally enabled & strengthened for a drug free future.

We believe that in becoming "our sisters" keepers,we will be "keepers of the spirit of faith, healing, tolerance, motivation and inspiration" upon which so much of family & community are built and social change relies.