Soccer Without Borders Boston

  • Massachusetts

About Us

While there are many positive sport experiences, soccer is the most universally accessible; at its most basic level it offers playing opportunities that are low-cost, physically beneficial, inclusive and enjoyable. Soccer also enjoys worldwide popularity, making it the perfect platform from which to develop physically, socially, and individually.


Soccer Without Borders believes that the potential of soccer to make change is deeper than simply playing the game. Rather, our programs are built around the philosophy that soccer’s interpersonal environment has unique potential to meaningfully impact participants. Within that environment, youth are exposed to the benefits of soccer and team sports for their bodies, voices, and minds, and supported in the application of these benefits to their everyday lives and future goals.


When it comes to marginalized populations such as refugee and immigrant youth, soccer offers an accessible, familiar space to build friendships and social capital, gain confidence, experience success and acclimate to new surroundings.


Soccer provides an avenue for positive engagement, a platform for personal growth, and a toolkit for a brighter future.