Church in Bethesda

  • MD


5033 Wilson Lane
United States

About Us

As a worshiping community we gather on Sunday's to connect to God and one another. This is a direct expression of obedience to the way that Jesus summed up the whole of scriptural focus to two things: Loving God and Loving Others...

On Sunday we will love and connect to God in times of prayer. Every Sunday we'll have a special time called Prayers of the People in which everyone is welcome to share both celebrations of what God is doing in lives and concerns that need to be lifted to God's good grace.

We'll celebrate scripture in public readings, congregational readings, maybe even in a video presentation. We will sing and enjoy music as gifts from God. Because we value all the senses which we have, there will have visuals and sounds. We'll have candles to see and smell. Different folks who are worshiping with us will bring gifts of music and song. We will move around and engage our sense of taste.