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About Us

Africa Contact – a movement for solidarity with Africa

Africa Contact, former Southern Africa Contact, was founded in 1978 as the Danish Anti-Apartheid Movement. A group of Danish political parties, trade unions and movements came together in a combined effort against apartheid in South Africa.

Today Africa Contact is a grassroots organisation, working in solidarity with the peoples of Africa and based on the idea that if we work for it – then a better world is possible.

Africa Contact is based on the work of volunteers.

Africa Contact is working with a broad range of issues: Ranging from HIV/AIDS over racism to Third World debt. The topics are focused around strengthening democracy and social and economic rights. But also resources (e.g. land and water) and armed conflicts – which are often closely linked.

Even though most countries in Africa have electoral democracy, democratic rights must still be defended and enhanced. Democracy must be based on reel influence and participation. Otherwise it simply degenerates to the simple cast of votes – as in Europe.

Social and economic rights are the real manifestation of democracy as it’s concerned with the distribution of wealth and privileges: E.g. the right to HIV/AIDS treatment or the right to land.

The global social and economic inequality is also our responsibility. The unequal distribution of wealth – both between North and South and in the South is increasing at a dramatic rate. The inequality and injustice systematically created by imperialism has been further exacerbated since independence with the willing participation of local elites and the institutions of the North (e.g. World Bank, IMF, WTO & EU).

Africa Contact is therefore working at a grassroots level encouraging and supporting the self-activity and –emancipation of all oppressed peoples and particular the poor of the South.

Africa Contact is a member of ENIASA: European Network for Information and Action on Southern Africa.

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