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About Us

Student Globe is a non-profit student travel and development society incorporated in pursuit of attaining the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and the eradication of extreme poverty. Our purpose is to promote and facilitate educational travel and student involvement in sustainable international development projects.

We at Student Globe believe that exposure is the principle means towards revelation and that revelation is the impetus behind effective action. Students who are directly exposed to the dire circumstances of the world’s most marginalized communities bare witness to the realities of our current world order. They have seen the children starving in India, the refugees fleeing from oppression in Asia, and the many who suffer of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Such exposure enables them to truly understand the destructiveness of global injustice. This understanding inspires a sense of responsibility to confront global inequality and is hence a precondition to effectively combating the most pressing challenges of our times; namely, extreme poverty, poor health, lack of education and a widespread disregard for the most basic of human rights.

Student Globe has the duel function of serving as an advocacy group and as a facilitator of direct action. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, our organization concentrates on two primary objectives. The first is producing creative and scholastic publications concerning student involvement in international travel and development. The second is raising funds in order to sponsor capable students in their pursuit of directly addressing the needs of impoverished communities around the world.

Student Globe’s publications are generally targeted to students, educational institutions and all of those interested in global education and development. They emphasize the importance of educational travel, cross-cultural understanding and, most importantly, the proactive involvement of students in international development initiatives that address global inequality and injustices. The first publication that Student Globe produced was a book entitled Interconnections, a Student Publication of Exploration, Discovery and Action. Over $10,000.00 was raised from the sales of this book.

This year’s publication, “Crossing Borders: Perceptions of a Generation in Transit”, follows inspired students who have voluntarily led small scale and personalized projects in impoverished communities around the world. From libraries to water wells and cooking stoves, these micro projects exemplify the power of individuals with opportunity to directly connect, assist, and empower the world’s most marginalized communities. These cross-cultural connections are the only true way of understanding the most pressing human challenges of our times and are the building blocks of global citizenry.

Student Globe utilizes all proceeds and charitable donations towards our Social Entrepreneurship Student Empowerment Fund (SESEF). Through SESEF, we invest in socially conscious student entrepreneur leaders who propose creditable projects capable of contributing towards the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. In this sense, we invest into what we are in essence promoting – more serious development projects and connections between university students and the world’s most impoverished communities.

For additional information concerning Student Globe, “Crossing Borders” and the SESEF grant, please visit our website at: