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About Us

The Sikh Foundation was founded in 1967 to promote the heritage and future of Sikhism. It is a non-profit and non-political charitable organization. Objectives

Pass on the Sikh heritage to the growing Sikh Diaspora in the West, particularly the youth Introduce the world to the ethics, mysticism, arts, literature and heroism of the Sikhs Contribute Sikh perspectives to issues of common human concern Advance Sikh culture by advancing the tradition of critical and creative thinking that gave birth to the faith Generate the highest quality resources for the study of Sikhism Activities

Our projects, sponsorships and collaborations include: Academic courses, conferences and chairs of Sikh studies at leading universities in the West Sikh art exhibitions and establishing permanent Sikh art galleries at major museums worldwide. Renovation and Conservation of Historical Sikh monuments. Provide the community with highest quality of educational products on Sikhism such as books, journals, calendars, posters, displays, greeting cards, videos, CD’s, tapes, DVD’s and other Sikh pride building products.