Oakland Indian Education Center

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About Us

The Indian Education Center (IEC) is housed in the American Indian Child Resource Center (AICRC), a non-profit community-based social service and education agency operating in Oakland, California. The AICRC was established in 1974 to provide services to American Indians in the aftermath of the 1950s federal policy of relocating American Indian families from rural reservations to urban cities. AICRC continues to serve as a gathering place for newcomers as well as the descendants of families who arrived a half a century ago. The programs still reflect this original mission - to preserve and promote the integrity and culture of American Indian youth and their families. The IEC, through the comprehensive after-school program, focuses on fostering the academic success of Native youth and providing outlets for social and personal development. Established in 1989, the IEC provides culturally relevant and evidence-based services to address barriers to academic success and the emotional and cultural well-being of American Indian youth and families.