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About Us

In the midst of the current national and local homeless epidemic, the building industry has found a unique way to put its specialized skills to use for the benefit of the community. The Master Builders Care Foundation is a philanthropic arm of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, the largest home building association in the country. The foundation provides building resources and expertise to nonprofit service organizations dedicated to housing individuals and families in need.

Low income disabled homeowners have unique challenges entering and leaving their homes. The foundation channels resources of the homebuilding industry to construct access ramps so they can maintain their freedom.

The Master Builders Care Foundation offers three community service programs: HomeAid Master Builders Care, Rampathon and ShelterCare.

HomeAid Master Builders Care facilitates the construction or renovation of facilities for charitable organizations whose purpose is to provide housing and assistance for the temporarily homeless. The national organization, HomeAid America, boasts 21 chapters in 16 states. HomeAid Master Builders Care has added 132 beds to homeless facilities creating more than 37,230 bed-nights per year. To date, over 900 companies have contributed more than five million dollars in building expertise, labor and materials to house homeless men, women and children. In 2007, The HomeAid Master Builders Care projects will increase capacity by 52 beds or 18,980 bed-nights per year.

Rampathon, a program of the Master Builders Care Foundation and the RemodelorsTM Council, builds free wheelchair ramps for disabled low-income homeowners in King and Snohomish counties. Since 1993, Master Builders Association members have built more than 200 free wheelchair ramps for community neighbors in need.

ShelterCare utilizes members of the Master Builders Association to provide facility repairs and major cosmetic upgrades to emergency and transitional housing. ShelterCare completed its first project in July 2002, renovating three homeless shelter playrooms in Snohomish County. In 2003, it focused on repairing facilities. A basketball court was also built for the Fremont Public Association. “Painting a Better Tomorrow,” first held in October 2004, is an annual event that was developed for members to help multiple facilities in one day. Shelters included in the event receive cosmetic upgrades, a fresh coat of paint and any necessary minor repairs. Over the past three years the event has grown to include more than 250 volunteers who help to repair six shelters in one life-changing day.