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About Us

The Old Growth Forest Network (OGFN) is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2011, whose mission is to identify and help protect forests in each county of the US where forests can grow and educate the public about where those protected forests are located (see www.OldGrowthForest.net).

The organization is supported by tree lovers throughout the country. We have dedicated at least one forest in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Ohio, New York, and Colorado. We’re expanding the Network quickly across the US. We’re actively working in Delaware, New Mexico, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Vermont and other states.

Local activists frequently contact OGFN to help them in their struggles to protect threatened forests. Often these forests are the last left in their community. They typically are privately owned and threatened with development. We’re adding our voice to theirs through letters to decision makers and our newsletter to forest groups around the country, and offering technical advice when we can. We’re involved in efforts to protect forests in Blacksburg and Arlington, Virginia; Kona and Wailea Hawaii; Cape May, New Jersey; Columbus, Ohio; Annapolis, and now Salisbury, Maryland. Saving these forests is urgent and critically important. We intend to become even more helpful to these local groups.

Many of our oldest and most beautiful forests are privately owned. We can advise private landowners about their forests and help them realize their preservation goals. We began our private forest program last September in Easton, Maryland at the ancient and beautiful Hope House Woods, which, with our help, will soon be protected by a “Forever Wild” easement, meaning it will never be logged. The information we are developing for private landowners could be particularly helpful when properties change hands due to death or sale.