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About Us

The Alameda County Office of Education's mission is to provide, promote and support leadership and service to ensure the success of every child, in every school, every day.The Alameda County Office of Education promotes student achievement and development through leadership, innovation, and accountability in partnership with the public, educational community, and parents. The ACOE serves as liaison between the California Department of Education and the eighteen Alameda County public school districts. The ACOE was established in 1954. Its first five-member board was elected in 1956. The number of board member was increased to seven in 1960. In 1976, the ACOE became financially independent from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Today, ACOE is located in Hayward, California in the heart of Alameda County for easier accessibility for all of the districts we serve. The ACOE oversees seventeen K-12 school districts and one K-8 district in Alameda County. In all, there are approximately 10,000 teachers serving 225,000 students. The ACOE also services three community college districts with a total enrollment of approximately 55,000 students. The Alameda County Office of Education: Advises and assists school districts in managing their budgets and in saving taxpayer money Supervises and supports school districts in complying with state and federal laws Provides numerous services to school districts—services that our districts would not be able to offer on their own Educates groups of students not served by local school districts through the Juvenile Court and Community Schools, School Age Mothers Program and the Infant Programs Assists teachers by providing training opportunities, curriculum development and technology resources We provide these services through four main divisions: Educational Services; Student Programs and Services; Program Development; and Business Services. An elected County Superintendent of Schools and a seven-member elected County Board of Education administer the Alameda County Office of Education. The ACOE is the lead agency in the area of substance abuse education and prevention. Our multilingual and multicultural programs are lauded throughout the state. The ACOE is also an internet provider and is a leader in the area of education technology.