JAAGO Foundation

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About Us

JAAGO Foundation is a civil society organization dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged and poverty-stricken people of Bangladesh. Founded in April 2007 by Korvi Rakshand, a Bangladeshi National, it focuses mainly on battling illiteracy and malnutrition in children and on rehabilitating their families to better environments and social conditions. JAAGO is currently directed to conducting activities to provide more long-term and sustainable benefits to people who are under the poverty line.

JAAGO Foundation looks to create a society, which is free of exploitation, discrimination and violence, and supports the achievement of their highest potential. Our long term goal is to have a school in every district of Bangladesh with supporting projects helping the underprivileged community. We wish to see every child in Bangladesh receive quality education and be given the platform to a secure and prosperous future.

In JAAGO’s pursuit to empower dreams of hundreds of impoverished children, we currently have 6 schools and will be opening 2 more in July 2013. Currently we have 1200 children and our aim is to find 1 sponsor for every child. To educate these children and to keep their dreams alive, we need new sponsors. A monthly contribution of BDT 1,500 or USD 20 or GBP 13 will cover all necessary costs for a child’s education. You can step up and be the difference! With a community of 500 sponsors, over 100 corporate bodies and thousands of supporters worldwide, JAAGO Family encompasses a huge circle of people. JAAGO Foundation hosts numerous events all year round where supporters, sponsors, and organizations join us in various networking and social activities. By sponsoring a child, you will become a part of this closely-knit family and be able to access a network of diverse people.

To sponsor a child: http://jaago.com.bd/sponsor-a-child

For futhur details please visit: www.jaago.com.bd