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About Us

ATHENA is a global network of individual and institutional members that has been at the forefront of ensuring the centrality of gender equality and human rights in the HIV response since 2006. ATHENA’s regular partners include more than 30 global, regional, and national networks and organisations of women living with HIV and 16 networks and organisations of women from key populations, including women who use drugs, sex workers, caregivers, and women from LGBTI communities, as well as many other women’s rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights organisations. We consult with governing bodies such as UN; PEPFAR; UN Women; The Global Fund for HIV, TB and Malaria; The Global Fund for Women; and other entities to ensure that women and girls have a meaningful seat at the table. 

We are committed to working with women in all our diversity to realize all our rights. Our work moves between community and global levels, building and facilitating links and ensuring that women’s voices are heard in policy, research agendas, program development, and funding streams.

We focus on gender, rights, and diversity issues to bring women to the forefront of the programs and policies that most affect their lives. So that women and girls can realize their rights, we:

-Strengthen women's engagement in research agendas, public fora and community dialogues
-Influence the post-2015 agenda and informing policy
-Gather and share knowledge
-Generate good evidence for global guidelines
-Promote inclusive and human rights-based practices
-Create community spaces for women
-Support and train new young women leaders and advocates
-Build movements among global, national and community levels
-Support community participation.

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