Sunnyfield Farm

  • NH


197 Greenfield Road
United States

About Us


Sunnyfield is a working farm that manages the landscape in accordance with organic and biodynamic principles to provide broad mutual support to diverse human and natural communities.


Our mission is to celebrate, educate and advance community based food production. Sunnyfield Farm will preserve and maintain the diverse operations of a working farm while staying appropriate to the surrounding environment. The farm will be managed with the ability to provide opportunities for recreation, education and the “gift of work” for people of all abilities.

A number of key values direct Sunnyfield Farm’s daily activities:

Food Production- Sunnyfield Farm cares for its plants and animals with three inseparable commitments: 1) to improve food value; 2) to insure a healthy and humane life for the animals; and 3) to constantly improve the health of our land and soil. Sunnyfield manages its activities to provide “nutrient dense foods” that support physical and spiritual wellbeing. Sunnyfield Farm’s marketing reflects its commitment to local and seasonal foods.

Education- Sunnyfield Farm begins as an educational resource simply by practicing rural land use that is environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable. Moreover, it provides a unique opportunity for children and adults, without regard to “differences,” to find education, life-sharing and work opportunity in sustainable agriculture and forestry. Schoolchildren, adults, educators and families, many with disabilities, come here to learn, work and build community connections.

Community Building- Sunnyfield Farm is a community asset using farm production as a means to improve community health and connection. Sunnyfield Farm seeks to spin off opportunities for recreation, education, and the “gift of work.” The farm welcomes the community and gives constant thought to promote and help other small farms in the greater Peterborough, NH area.