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About Us

  1. Strengthen STEM literacy
  2. Promote STEM-related business
  3. Sustain STEM initiatives

1. STEM literacy among students, families, and the community will be strengthened by:

  • Pursuing high quality STEM curricula in our schools
  • Creating sustained and meaningful partnerships between STEM businesses and organizations and our schools, and across the PK-12-adult continuum
  • Increasing STEM opportunities for students that are outside of the regular school day or year
  • Promoting community dialogue around the importance of STEM in Flagstaff’s education, businesses, and culture

2. The promotion and expansion of STEM-related businesses and institutions will be advanced by:

  • Highlighting existing STEM business partnerships and economic development opportunities
  • Attracting STEM leaders, personnel, businesses, and initiatives to Flagstaff
  • Pursuing legislative efforts, where feasible and necessary, to support local STEM institutions, initiatives and education
  • Establishing a comprehensive and effective dissemination plan to inform stakeholders, the community, and the region of successes, achievements, and opportunities

3. Establish financial sustainability for STEM activities and outreach by:

  • Aligning local STEM programs and expenditures, where practical and feasible, to the STEM City Strategic Plan
  • Seeking external funding through public and private sources
  • Establishing a STEM City Fund to support local STEM education and outreach initiatives