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About Us

dropping knowledge encourages social change. Using advanced web technology the initiative links the voices of individuals, organizations and corporations. Through multimedia-based campaigns and events dropping knowledge functions as a social amplifier, offers uncensored knowledge and invites to take responsible action within an international network. dropping knowledge’s web-platform invites the global public to ask and answer questions, exchange ideas and start initiatives. Since September 2005, dropping knowledge’s international, multimedia outreach campaign – “ask yourself” – has been empowering people all over the world to raise the questions about the topics that matter most to them. Since the campaign began, nearly 50,000 questions have been donated to dropping knowledge either in-person, online, or via mobile telephone. The fruits of the “ask yourself” campaign became apparent at the Table of Free Voices on September 9, 2006. dropping knowledge brought together 112 visionary thinkers from 60 countries to engage with 100 of the questions donated by the global public. Digital cameras recorded the individual answers of each participant, including filmmaker Wim Wenders, Oakland Institute founder Anuradha Mittal, musician Giora Feidman, and human rights activist Harry Wu. Video footage and transcripts from all of the 11,200 answers from this first-of-its-kind event can all be viewed on the dropping knowledge website.

About dropping knowledge A non-profit initative, dropping knowledge operates as an international non-governmental organization with 100% stakeholder perspective. A public resource, it cannot be owned and is freely accessible to all for all time. dropping knowledge's Founding Partner is the Allianz Group. Its Founding Supporters are the Mark & Sharon Bloome Fund and the Wallace Global Fund.