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About Us

One by 1, Inc. is a non-profit is a 501(c) 3 organization. We work to keep the community safe and strive to keep our young people out of trouble. We work with youth by providing mentoring services and skill based projects designed to build self-esteem, confidence, cultivate leadership skills and improve decision making. We also work directly with youth who are at risk, or already involved in the juvenile justice system and try to keep them on the right path. We assist in the transition of returning citizens by providing resources, trainings and support services to assist with the reentry process. A few of our Programs/Workshops and objectives for each are outlined below:

“Out for Good” Workshop- This workshop includes the screening of the documentary, “Out for Good”, which is based on my life story. Following the screening there is a question and answer workshop. The audience engages in discussion on the documentary including how some of the choices I made as a teen cost me my freedom and how I made the decision to make a personal change for myself.

Mentoring PILOT Program- One by 1 Inc.’s Mentoring Program is an enrichment program geared towards all high school teens. Workshops/Sessions are designed to promote personal development, introduce pro-social problem solving/decision making skills by offering youth centered open forums with peers, enrichment activities/exercises and character building activities will cultivate and strengthen the youth’s thinking

Healthy Kids Workshop, the Power of Choice- will help our teens with making healthy choices for themselves, including what healthy friendships look like, how friends can influence our choices, discusses the major impact that their choices have on their life and future and goal setting. The workshop will help our teens by emphasizing the importance of how and who we choose as friends and dealing with negative peer pressure.

Bullying Workshop- This workshop is designed to help kids learn effective ways to combat and respond effectively to bullying situations. When children are given and understand the basic key concepts and logical resolutions of bullying reviewed in this workshop, they will be at an advantage on how to work thru a bullying situation even if they are the bully.

Re-entry Services- We work directly within the community with a concentration on Re-entry Services and support for those returning home from prison and many other community related projects. Our re-entry resource materials include, the founders self-authored resource handbook, “The Window of Opportunity Pre-Release Handbook”, designed for men and women returning home from prison and entering their communities specifically in the Washington D.C, area, Parole and Probation Smart Planner, and self produced CD with corresponding curriculum, “The people that we hurt on the outside”. One by 1 Inc.’s priority is to equip home comers with the tools they will need to help them succeed when facing the many challenges when returning home and re-entering society and their communities. Our Resources will help to keep our communities safe by providing a blueprint for home comers who will have to navigate the difficult road of coming home, staying home and out of prison. With this information the home comer will find the resources that they need easily and “Knowing is half the battle”. The Resource Handbooks have been sent to institutions and Pre-release programs and are currently used by probation officers and social workers and have also been given to individuals who are currently incarcerated.