Nawakamal Foundation

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About Us

Nawakamal Foundation is non-government organization which is non-violence, non-discrimination, non-partisan, overt group with the sustainable ecology perspective. The group concerns on human rights values, solidarity and local knowledge. The organization was established in 1993 founded by several student activists who had involved in any group discussions and research centre within Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

VISION : Nawakamal aims to promote the empowerment of civil society through learning process and sharing experiences. This is addressed to support the transformation of social, cultural and natural resources assets into community based resource management which is organized fairly, democratically, with the emphasis on local wisdom and sustainability.

MISSION: (1) To enhance the capacity building and human resource development through making and providing participatory “learning process” with the assertation on equality, justice, concern and dignity; (2) To strengthen the position and bargaining power of local civil society by institutional building and revitalization of indigenous knowledge; (3) To promote and initiate the institutional building of civil society livelihood


The Nawakamal Foundation is now supported by 7 full time staffs and several volunteers who have experiences on social study, empowerment facilitation, community organization, gender and environment issue, participatory method development, etc. The staffs are experiences on any training facilitation such as: (1) Training on PRA/PLA; (2) Training on Community Organizing; (3) Training on Community Based Participatory Planning; (4) Strategic Planning for civil society organization; (5) Training on research method: qualitative method, ethnography method; Sustainability Livelihood method; (6) Training on multimedia development: leaflet, photonovela, news, documentation film, people theatre, ethnophotography, etc.

Board of Advisor: (1) PM. Laksono, Phd : Anthropologiest, Academician, expert on social cultural research, NGO’s consultants; (2) Pujo Semedi, Phd : Anthropologiest, Academician, expert on social cultural research, especially in fisheries and mountains communities, NGO’s consultants; (3) Drs. Bambang Iswantoro, MKes. : Expert on community health. Experienced on social research in health and monitoring and evaluation researh, both official agencies and NGO’s.