East Lansing Film Festival

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Suite # 48, 210 Abbott Street
East Lansing
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About Us

The East Lansing Film Festival (ELFF) is the largest and most diverse film festival in Michigan that screens independent and foreign feature, documentary, short and students films from around the world. The ELFF was created in 1997 in cooperation with the City of East Lansing and Michigan State University. Since then, ELFF has been dedicated to bringing quality foreign and independent films to the state of Michigan in order to expose our audience to diverse communities, pressing global concerns of a social, environmental and political nature, and creative filmmaking.

The 12th annual East Lansing Film Festival will take place March 18th through 26th, 2009. On the final day of the ELFF, the Lake Michigan Film Competition (LMFC) will be held. This competition gives cash awards to the filmmakers whose film was at least one quarter filmed, produced, or financed in the states that border Lake Michigan — Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The categories for the awards are Feature, Documentary, Short Film and Student Film.