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About Us

Evolution of Design for Non Profits

Graphic Design Web/Print Services – DFNP began as a student-supported effort when I was teaching. Students gained real experience and put their efforts to good use giving purpose and substance to their work. I was a mentor for the projects. This is not a 501 organization. It is a personal endeavor.

As students have less and less time, and schools don't necessarily teach the difficult problem solving skills of real projects, students deferred their resources to their lessons and classroom projects and their part-time jobs.

The organization is now just myself, and I generally work full time. However, if there are smaller projects with minimal needs such as brand, and small website, I can help with this.

Is there someone in your organization who has some website coding skills or do you need a WordPress platform? Do you have an existing website that needs a facelift? Do you have a logo, but need more brand presence? Do you need signage or brochure?

I can help with these things.

What I do not become involved with:

Religion, politics, short-sighted organizations, and organizations who use the assets for a write off. You must be actively involved and show your work and personal investment.

I need this work to improve my portfolio, so the opportunity for this must be available.

I am supportive of

cultural sites, minority-focused groups, helping with LGBT, student groups, women's orgs, etc.