Richmond Preparatory Christian Academy

  • VA


217 West Grace Street
United States

About Us

Richmond Prep is a uniquely inspired school and family resource center established in 1983. Our mission is two-fold: to provide our students with an educational experience that fosters a love for learning, while providing resources and opportunities designed to provide support and advocacy for strong families. Our students leave the halls of Richmond Prep with solid foundational character, exceptional academic instruction, an appreciation for arts and culture and a love for learning that positions them wonderfully for the rest of their academic careers.

For nearly thirty years our students have graduated from our academy to receive admission to some of Richmond’s finest college preparatory programs. Our alums continue to point to the core academic and philosophical ideas they learned at Richmond Prep - even as they move from college preparation into university life and beyond. We take great pride in not only contributing to their academic success, but also working with their families to help them develop strong moral awareness and character.

The cornerstone of our approach to learning and working with families is embodied by our institution’s guiding principle. Established by our first head of school, Dr. Mary Gordon West, this principle permeates every aspect of our program: "Let everything we do be done with loving inspiration and care."