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About Us

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a national, non-profit network committed to building a world of environmental, social, and economic prosperity created and sustained by local and global collective action. ESW works through a network of 40+ collegiate and professional chapters on technical projects, sustainability education, and shared community. ESW-National supports these efforts through connecting people, creating opt-in initiatives and a shared brand, and providing leadership and design skills training.

We're always looking for new people or organizations that want to help build more sustainable and resilient communities. As a student, that can mean participating in our online education efforts or joining/founding a chapter. As a professional, you can mentor students (from anywhere!) or create a professional chapter to bring together technical folks from where you are. As a company, sponsoring ESW or helping with one of our initiatives connects you to some of the brightest and broadest-thinking of the next generation of technical students and professionals. All three groups converge at our Annual Conference, held every spring.

Latest Listings

Professional Relations Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Social Media Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Membership Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Chief Operating Officer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Individual Donations Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Fundraising Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Events Co-Chair (Volunteer Opportunity)

Professional Relations Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Events Co-Chair (Volunteer Opportunity)

Executive Director (Volunteer Opportunity)