Neighbor Network of Northern Nevada

  • Nevada


999 Pyramid Way
United States

About Us

The Neighbor Network of Northern Nevada’s mission is to create a “village” of people and organizations through our time exchange. We build community connectedness, create volunteer opportunities, and help to address social isolation.

A time exchange is a way for people to give and receive services without exchanging any money. For example, a member might babysit for another member for one hour. They would then receive one time credit. They could then redeem that time credit for an hour of service from another member.

N4’s projects involve recruiting and coordinating volunteers for our partner organizations. We provide a wide-array of interesting and fun volunteer opportunities for both our time exchange members and our volunteer pool members. Time exchange members receive time credits for their participation in volunteer events, which can then be redeemed for other services. Our goal is to motivate and make it easy for members of the community to get involved and give back.