Blending Borders

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About Us

<code>Blending Borders' mission is to promote cultural awareness among youth, keep art in schools, and teach students about recycling.</code>

<code>Recycling is a concept that should be taught early on so that it becomes second nature to children. The current challenge faced by many schools is that recycling is an extremely abstract concept. What does it mean when someone throws a soda can into a blue bin? Does this action really explain that recycling is turning something old and broken into something new?</code>

<code>Blending Borders is a non-profit that aims to emphasize this concept by teaching children how and why to recycle through a creative, hands-on process, which will additionally help them make international connections (by refurbishing old crayons into artwork they can share with their less fortunate international pen pals). Additionally, Blending Borders uses donations to send school supply packages to these international schools.</code>