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About Us

The Ouroboros Research and Education Trust (No. 1113141) was initially established in 2003 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting research and education in the field commonly known as Ancient Wisdom.


The Ouroboros Trust aims to become an internationally recognised centre for gathering, evaluating and communicating information from the field known as Ancient Wisdom Studies.


The Ouroboros Trust has a vision of a world that understands, appreciates and applies the profound insights that have been handed down to us by our ancient ancestors. Mankind has always been on a quest to understand the fundamental workings of the universe. Ancient cultures often demonstrated extraordinarily advanced knowledge and applied this in the creation of ancient sites and in the development of complex systems, many of which we still use today. Much of the wisdom of the past, however, remains hidden and neglected with its extraordinary interconnections unexplored. The Trust is committed to multi-disciplinary examination and will provide an open platform for debate.

The Trust seeks to combine scientific principles with an openness that could help bridge science and spirit, logic and intuition, and modern worldviews with ancient knowing. It aims to demonstrate the relevance of these ancient perspectives to our modern world and to restore an appreciation of our past for the sake of our future.


The key research aim of the Ouroboros Trust is to create a platform for multi-disciplinary debate and research that will bring together leading academic and independent researchers from around the globe. It will do this by developing a series of annual international conferences that will help define the depth and scope of the emerging discipline of Ancient Wisdom Studies and will inform our ongoing research activities.

The Trust will actively source funding for, and support, new research projects, particularly those that open up new areas of the subject matter, or that demonstrate the links and interconnections between different fields. It will set rigorous standards of academic scholarship and will participate in the development of a wide range of innovative, partnered projects. The Trust has a particular interest in projects demonstrating clear evidence of the relevance of Ancient Wisdom Studies to the modern day.


The key education aim of the Ouroboros Trust is to act as a bridge between the world of academia and the general public. It aims to present findings from the various research programmes and conferences in a way that meets the needs of the burgeoning public interest in Ancient Wisdom subjects.

The Trust’s objective is to establish itself as a leading interpreter in the field. The Trust’s approach will be to develop a range of multi-media materials, such as articles, books, documentaries, lectures, workshops, courses, seminars and conferences. Research and Education Partners

The Ouroboros Trust will link with other individuals and organisations throughout the world demonstrating a clear desire and commitment to furthering public understanding about Ancient Wisdom.