Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya

  • Nairobi County


Savannah Road
House No. 320
Nairobi County


About Us

Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya [CPSK] is a charitable organization catering for children/persons afflicted by cerebral palsy (CP) in the country. CPSK has been in operation since 1996 and offers rehabilitation services to over 350 children/persons with special needs. Our organization exists to provide the best support services through: the provision of therapy services, psycho-social well being of the affected/afflicted families, education for the children and promotion of awareness and advocacy. The organization urgently needs to raise Ksh 4.1 million to purchase four motor cycles for outreach program to benefit over 150 CP. children who can not access therapy services in government hospitals, and Ksh 5.9 million to acquire disability friendly bus (specially designed) for transportation of our learners with multiple disabilities to - and - from school. We will have a charity walk in Nairobi on 7th Oct. 2017 to mark the World CP Day and raise the funds. We shall appreciate any support you are able to give us. Contact the Chairman through the following email address:gkakala@cpsk.or.ke