Junior Center of Art and Science

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About Us


The Junior Center’s mission is to cultivate curiosity and creative exploration through the arts and sciences.  Located in the heart of Oakland on the shores of Lake Merritt, we aim to serve all youth throughout Oakland and beyond.

Our Values

  • We value the necessity of equity and representation in the fields of art and science; we strive to invest in the future of these fields by providing equitable access to our programs.

  • We value creativity and imagination - two cornerstones in art and science exploration and design our programs to support innovation and creative inquiry.

  • We believe personal connection makes for the best learning experiences.  We want our programs to be fun, interactive and learner-driven.

  • We value the center as a community space.  Every family and young person is welcome through our doors.

Our programs take place at the Junior Center, in community spaces, and at school sites throughout Oakland and the greater East Bay.