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About Us

As one of the nation's premier education reform organizations for the past 20 years, Project GRAD USA ("GRAD") has worked with over 135,000 students in over 200 low-income public schools, focusing on academic support and school climate, parent and community engagement, school-based social service, and college access and readiness. In 2011, GRAD launched a new initiative: the GRAD Academies school operating model. The mission and vision of GRAD Academies is to build a distinctive learning environment and model in which students from previously failed schools perform academically in the top 10% globally. In 2013, GRAD was designated an official restart operator by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as a new school operator by the Achievement School District of Tennessee. In August 2013, GRAD took over management of Dean Technical High School in Holyoke, MA, and opened GRAD Academy Memphis, in Memphis, TN. In 2014, GRAD added Morgan elementary school in Holyoke. GRAD is currently working on a consulting basis with schools in Connecticut with the possibility of assuming management of those schools in the next year or two. Over the next five years, GRAD projects growth that will result in an additional 15-20 schools under management.