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About Us

Bible Wiki is a database covering people, places,books,doctrine and history of the Bible. Join us as we glorify God, write about the Bible and be in fellowship with other Christians. Study and Write about the Word of God.

Bible Wiki is a wiki-based encyclopedia of the Bible that attempts to create a unique collaborative platform for simultaneously studying and writing about Scripture alongside other Christians. Our goal is to be comprehensive in the topics we cover and in the articles themselves. A very in-depth resource compared to the vast majority of biblical study tools. One of our driving goals is to be an alternative to Wikipedia, which is probably the most detailed encyclopedic website on the Bible, while vastly liberal anti- inspirational (undermining God's authorship of the Bible and treating it as non-Scripture).

We are in need of volunteers willing to write/engage with the site on a weekly basis. Please contact us at the email address "biblicalapedia" on gmail (stitch the email address together).