Stanford Dance Marathon

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About Us

Stanford Dance Marathon aims to create, educate, inspire and mobilize community to combat AIDS through a 24 hour dance and fund-raising party. Hundreds of student participants stay awake and on their feet for 24 hours in an effort to symbolize both the mental and physical challenges faced by individuals suffering from AIDS.

At the event, a variety of crazy activities, costumes, contests, theme changes, student performances, and educational displays keep dancers entertained and inspired for all 24 hours. The year-long planning of this event culminates into an incredible showcase of student energy, unity, creativity, philanthropy, and diversity.

Dance Marathon started at Northwestern thirty years ago and has now spread to over 100 colleges across the country. Last year, Stanford held its second annual Dance Marathon and raised over $58,000.00 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Over 300 students participated and danced throughout a night of glow sticks, togas, karaoke, and more. This year, Stanford Dance Marathon will be partnering with Face AIDS and Partners in Health to unite the Stanford and local communities in their fight against AIDS. Its tremendous success in the past has set the stage for this year’s event to be the largest and most meaningful demonstration of students’ commitment to service.