Blissful Bedroom (Passion for Compassion, Inc.)

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2331 29th Street
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About Us

Blissful Bedrooms is a 501(c)3, charitable, not-for-profit organization composed entirely of volunteers. We are dedicated to empowering, supporting and enhancing the quality of life of young individuals with severe disabilities, both inside and outside of their bEdrooms.


To transform the personal spaces of young individuals, who have limited resources and various physical disabilities that make them wheelchair dependent and highly reliant on others for activities of daily living. Because of their lack of mobility/independence and decreased opportunities in society, these young individuals with physical challenges spend a great amount of time in their bedroom.

We create a personal sanctuary, conceived exclusively for the individual - a special place where they will feel inspired, protected, stimulated, appreciated and loved! This is achieved by a collaboration of talented and compassionate volunteers from the community who creatively design and construct a unique environment that is born out of the recipient's passions, dreams and favorite colors. We build custom-made furniture and create original artwork for each bedroom. We also strive to include adapted technology, to promote their independence in a vast world of communicaiton and knowledge.

However, it doesn't stop there! We welcome makeover recipients into a nurturing community and create regular social events so they have opportunities to get out of their bedrooms, smile, laugh and enjoy good times with friends.


- Volunteer your time, talents and skills

- Donate funds/materials/services/food/space/transporation, etc.

- Spread the word to everyone you know who may be inspired to help

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