Human Rights Activists News Agency

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About Us

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) is a non-political and non-governmental organization in the United States of America working on the reporting and monitoring of the human rights situation in Iran. Publishing an average of 7,000 verified reports annually, HRANA is the largest and most reliable Persian-language human rights news agency. For the past twelve years, the nonprofit organization has produced daily, monthly and annual reports and statistical data while also engaging in building civil society and grassroots activism inside Iran. Furthermore, HRANA has facilitated financial and legal assistance to families of prisoners of conscience in Iran, published training manuals on civic activism, and has continually sought to raise awareness inside Iran by working with international human rights institutions.

Now HRANA is seeking to raise higher awareness about the human rights situation in Iran to an international audience. Currently HRANA is seeking to add translators, copywriters, communications writers, editors, and researchers to its growing English team.