Connections Counseling Center

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About Us

Connections’ mission statement: Opening Hearts to Healing. We affirm spirituality and diversity. At Connections we help ease the fear and discomfort of reaching out for help, no matter what you are dealing with— a challenging relationship, family conflict, parenting struggles, depression, anxiety, grief or any painful situation that feels like it is impossible to tolerate any longer.

Connections is a multi faith counseling center, where you will be encouraged to explore and express how your own spiritual beliefs may aid in relieving your suffering. We affirm the role of faith in healing from emotional, mental and relational issues and offer counseling that is spiritually integrated and honors the faith traditions of the people within our communities.

At Connections we treat all people equally, with dignity and respect—where differences: heritage, sexuality, religion or non-religion, are accepted. We believe all people are entitled to competent and compassionate mental health services.

Connections is a professional health care organization sponsored by faith communities to offer a lower-cost and higher-service health care practice to our communities.