Detroit Jews for Justice

  • Michigan


United States

About Us

Detroit Jews for Justice (DJJ) employs the tools of community organizing to make life in Michigan more sustainable, equitable and joyous for all, with a particular emphasis on people of color, low-income workers, the unemployed, women, GLBTIQ folks, immigrants, and others struggling against systemic bias. We draw on the richness of Jewish traditions, history, thought and culture to deepen and sustain our work.

Through education, leadership development, grassroots campaigns, community building, arts and culture, DJJ renews the Jewish ethic of working for social justice. Our goal is to build a membership base that can participate in meaningful ways in campaigns addressing injustice at the systemic level, and also mobilize in response to timely issues. We use the strength of old relationships and the dynamism of new ones to support each other to step up and become active.