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About Us

We will lead students to superior academic achievement, cultivate their talents and interests, and foster admirable character traits to build strong academic and personal foundations that empower their success to and through college.

Beacon College Prep is a tuition-free charter school in Miami's Liberty City community. We will serve incoming kindergarten, first and second grade students, and will grow to a fully enrolled K-5 elementary school by the start of the 2017 school year.

We believe that preparation for college must begin in elementary, and strive to develop well-rounded students who achieve academically, display dedication to cultivating their personal talents or interests, and exude admirable character. College preparation for elementary students is a matter of building strong academic and personal foundations from which students become more academically capable, more independent, and more motivated to pursue their dreams.

Our goal is to eliminate the achievement gap for our students and accelerate their learning so that they leave elementary school on track to be prepared for college by the time they graduate. By the age of 5, the average student from a low-income community possesses only fraction of the vocabulary of their wealthier peers. Left unaddressed, the problem gets worse as years pass, and the resulting gap in academic achievement precludes them from college, career and life opportunities. Beacon College Prep will interrupt this problem and reverse the trend line that currently suggests income and minority status predict educational attainment.

Through a highly structured learning environment, extended school day, rigorous Common Core aligned curriculum, intensive professional development for teachers, extensive community and parental outreach, and prioritization of educating the whole child, we will produce a fundamentally different educational experience for our students: one that develops well-rounded scholars and citizens who are competitive on local, state-wide and national levels, and one that upends the status quo for low-income and minority students.

We cannot realize this vision without committed teachers and leaders who care deeply about educating and empowering students in Miami. Do you want to help us rewrite the narrative for students who currently have limited opportunities? Visit [[|]] to apply to join our founding team!