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About Us

The H.E.A.R Project is a Denver based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The H.E.A.R Project provides financial assistance to needy Colorado children with hearing loss for hearing aids, rehabilitation and associated services. For a child with hearing loss, hearing aids and related services are often necessary for the development of language, academic, and social skills. Unfortunately, for many families hearing aids and related services are not covered by insurance; and a pair of hearing aids can cost up to $6,000. The H.E.A.R. Project provides a resource for children who need support, giving small grants to help fill the gap left between public assistance and private insurance. Since our incorporation in 2003, we have provided financial support to over 400 children, with awards ranging from $40 to $2,400. Our all-volunteer organization is proud of the fact that, since our incorporation, over 91% of funds raised have gone directly to supporting

families in need.