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About Us

PublicVoice is deeply committed to communications work on a range of issues from education to health care and from the environment to workforce development. PublicVoice supports communications and public education projects on behalf of not-for-profit organizations. We:

  • Commission opinion and media research on social, health, educational, economic and environmental issues;
  • Develop communications strategies and messages for public education purposes;
  • Provide training and technical assistance to not-for-profit organizations to improve their organizational effectiveness; and
  • Create and implement educational communications campaigns on a wide range of social,health, educational and environmental issues.

PublicVoice currently focuses on the following issues:

Workforce and Economic Development

Creating economic opportunity for low-income people is essential to the well-being of our society. Programs such as workforce training, adult education programs, policy interventions and community engagement, create economic opportunity for all.


Access to health care is central to the well-being and dignity of all people. True social and economic development can only occur when there is access to adequate medical facilities. Unfortunately, across the country and around the world, billions cannot access the medical care they need to get and stay healthy.

Higher Education

More and more, well-paying and family-sustaining jobs require higher education – schooling or training that goes beyond a high school diploma. Whether it is attained in a traditional college setting, mid-career, or later in life, higher education is important and will become more essential to an individual’s personal growth and our nation’s economic achievement.

Education and Youth Development

Children and young people are the country's greatest resource. They are also among the vulnerable people and PublicVoice works to ensure that they have access not just to basic necessities – food, shelter, education – but also have a full range of educational and economic opportunities.

Arts Education

The arts are critical for child development and should be a central part of every student's learning experience. In today's public school classrooms, learning in and through the arts is sorely lacking, particularly for those in underserved communities and struggling schools. PublicVoice is passionate about advancing the cause of arts education for all.

The Environment

Every day, our fragile ecosystem is endangered due to human-made threats, ranging from pollution to global warming. Protecting and conserving our planet’s natural resources is critical to the long-term health our society and our species.