A SEED Europe


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About Us

Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development (A SEED) Europe is against the exploitation of people and nature. We believe the fundamental causes of ecological destruction and maldevelopment are patterns of domination and control steming from patriarchy, colonialism, scientific reduction, imperialism and the more recent imposition of a ruthless, "free" market globalisation. Transnational corporations and their institutional aides such as the WTO and international financial institutions concentrate global wealth and power by breaking into and destroying local markets and taking away local decision making. Economic globalisation intensifies inequity on all levels, concentrates resources in the hands of a shrinking proportion of the world's population. Competition for profits becomes the main determinant of society. Our current economic system regards nature as a resource to be exploited, which stands in sharp contrast to the symbiotic relationship of humans as a part of nature. A SEED Europe strives towards cultural and biological diversity. We reject and work to end discrimination on the basis of age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religious belief and sexual preferences. We support the right of individuals and communities to determine their own lives. Vital tools towards these aims are: promoting grass root organisation, education, mobilisation and non-violent direct action such that people are able to act for social and environmental justice from local to global level.