Lowell Alliance

  • MA


97 Central Street
Unit 302
United States

About Us

Lowell Alliance helps families and neighborhoods thrive by connecting them with critical resourcesand empowering them to fulfill their vision for the community.

Our Vision

We believe communities thrive when families and neighborhood groups can readily access needed services, with the leadership and self-advocacy skills to create positive change in their lives and communities. This is best accomplished through mutually respectful partnerships, both with residents and other community organizations. 

By listening to each other, appreciating diversity, and fostering inclusion, we can learn from a wide variety of perspectives and benefit from the expression of many talents and abilities. Drawing on these combined strengths and shared vision, we have the opportunity to realize our potential for a vibrant and healthy community life.

Our Goals

  1. Engage families and residents in community and civic life; empower them to improve their lives and communities through leadership and networking opportunities.
  2. Advocate for families to ensure their voices are heard and teach self-advocacy skills so they can create positive change in their lives.
  3. Collaborate with community stakeholders to maximize existing resources and develop community-driven solutions to local challenges.
  4. Educate families and residents about and improve their access to community resources.